We’re on a mission to make people more connected

Kinship is designed to help you remember the personal details that lead to strong relationships and make every interaction count.

Our Story

Where it all began

Kinship’s journey began in 2019 on the third floor of the iconic Little Flatiron building in NYC’s Meatpacking District. With a dedicated vision, the team set out to create a tool to help people forge stronger human connections.

For founder Victoria Wejchert, this mission is deeply personal. Growing up as the daughter of entrepreneurs, she saw firsthand how meaningful relationships enrich both life and business. Her mother had a knack for remembering the smallest details about people, always jotting down notes about their conversations and interests so she could pick up right where they left off. Inspired by her mother’s system of notebooks, calendars, and sticky notes, Victoria envisioned a simple, unified tool that promotes building authentic relationships.

Thus, the idea for Kinship was born—a mobile app helping people collect and remember unique details about their connections and bringing humanity back to business.

Our Team

The team that keeps Kinship running

Victoria Wejchert
CEO and Founder
Scott Nash
Head of Interface Engineering
Gustavo Gawryszewski
Head of Backend Engineering
Nicole Nordstrom
Head of Product Marketing
Taylor Kersh
Head of Growth
Bruno Furquim
Head of Product
Phaedra Riley
Lead Interface Engineer
Laurie Winchenbaugh
Social Media Manager

Turn your good intentions into strong connections 👋

Strong relationships lead to business opportunities. Never let an important contact slip through the cracks again – prioritize your connections with Kinship.